Adios Chateau (and creepy rv parked there, etc.)

As reported here August of 2016, the chateau condos are going away…and hopefully that rv parked there is going to the dump as well when they demolish the building.  

A new trinsic apartment building very similar to Knox Heights will be built there starting as soon as August.


Knox Park Resident Advocate Group

There will be a Knox Park Resident meet up at Cafe Madrid tomorrow (May 3) at 6:30pm.  AJ Aguirre is heading up the effort to put a neighborhood council together to represent the interests of local residents.  Be sure to check his instagram account @knoxparkre for more info.  Cafe Madrid has generously offered to host so be sure to stop by.  It will be a great opportunity to meet neighbors and discuss issues that affect Knox neighborhood residents.  See you there!

Knox Neighborhood Updates

Restoration Hardware

As reported last May, there is reason to suspect that a major announcement is forthcoming regarding the space that Restoration Hardware now occupies.  A massive Restoration Hardware is not my first choice, but is very likely.


On Monday, core samples were taken in the parking lot in front and behind RH as well as in front of Mecox.  I have a feeling we’re about to get a press release or some concrete information.

LeBilboquet’s Oyster Bar Concept

As reported here last July, an oyster bar concept will be opening in this space in May backed by the same group that opened the popular, LeBilboquet on Travis Street.  Based on the amount of recent activity, I expect that May is still the target date for an opening.


Aesop Skincare

Aesop Skincare will be opening a store within the Knox Neighborhood.  Perhaps one of the new retail spaces created on Knox from the old Chili’s space?

Popular Australian skincare brand, Aēsop is opening its second Dallas store (Knox Aēsop) in late 2017.

“As we establish an Aesop presence in Dallas, Texas, it is a pleasure to immerse ourselves in site and setting – investigating the unique characteristics that add flavor to the vibrant Knox-Henderson district, and the city as a whole.  For our part, we felt immediately at home amid Knox-Henderson’s neighborly atmosphere, and sheltered on its tree-lined boulevards. One of the few walkable areas of the city, the district also lies astride the sylvan Katy Trail for much-needed respite from concrete confines.  It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our first Dallas space soon; trained consultants will be pleased to offer a personalized skin care consultation and to prescribe formulations and samples best suited to your individual needs.”


I don’t know exactly what the future of this space holds, but I expect some changes soon. This group was there the other day discussing how they intended to modify the space.  I have to assume this modification is in preparation for a new tenant.


Bardot Place

This project again appears to be at a standstill.  I know that OSHA has been onsite here and shut things down, and I know that they’ve also had challenges with the city.  I am optimistic that this project will be completed and will not sit half finished for years as the owners battle with city hall.



Apartment Buildings…

I’ll post soon on apartment building with pictures and progress reports.  All are looking excellent…The Katy, The McKenzie, and Knox Heights are all coming along and will be assets to the Knox neighborhood.


Knox Park neighborhood group meeting

I want to let everyone know that on Wednesday, April 5 at 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM a neighborhood group is meeting at Kozy Kitchen.  If I understand correctly, there is interest in creating a neighborhood council.  This is not sponsored by Knox Dallas, but we support any neighborhood collaborations or associations that promote our neighborhood!

Wild About Harry’s

A great feature about one of our local favorites.  It will be very interesting to see the new addition to Bardot Place and what the future is for our neighborhood custard and dog shop.   I speculate that Bardot’s upscale vision does not include our beloved Harry’s.  I’m very nervous as I see the transformation of that strip of retail.

An Interesting DMN article about demand for walkable neighborhoods

Haven’t posted in a while, but I came across this article about increased demand for walkable neighborhood living and the premium people are willing to pay.

We are hoping to see Southern Land Co. break ground on their highrise on Oliver Street within the next couple of months.  Demand for luxury apartments has continued to absorb inventory so it looks like this project will move forward.

Similarly, the McKenzie is starting to have quite a presence when traveling north on McKinney Avenue near Knox.