Weirs warehouse on Buena Vista to be razed “soon”

DMN is reporting that Weirs plans to close both their Knox street store and Buena Vista warehouse/outlet on July 8 to begin redevelopment plans.  It’s somewhat confusing since Weirs has also been quoted as saying that the Knox Street redevelopment was still a couple of years out.  Either way, we are excited to see what they are planning!


Adios Chateau (and creepy rv parked there, etc.)

As reported here August of 2016, the chateau condos are going away…and hopefully that rv parked there is going to the dump as well when they demolish the building.  

A new trinsic apartment building very similar to Knox Heights will be built there starting as soon as August.

Travis between Knox and Armstrongย 

Nothing that interesting but it looks like Weitzman is showing the vacant spaces created long ago when Katana, KT cross fit, Sur la Tab, rio room, etc vacated.  I just wish they would do something with these vacant buildings and lots.  Core samples have been taken here and parking has been blocked by concrete curbs and chains.  Not sure what they plan to do now.  These buildings have been vacant for over a year now.  Royal Blue?  Stumptown coffee?  At one point, renderings and concept sketches were released showing apartments and retail coming in 2017.   Looks like it will be more zombie buildings for now.  Back from the dead?  We’ll see.

Re-Elect Philip Kingston

If you’ve come here to see why we support Philip Kingston for District 14 city council, here’s the simplest reason: neighborhoods first.  Philip Kingston has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to go against the political establishment in the interest of our neighborhoods.  Instead of spending his time helping people who don’t live in our district, he focuses his efforts on improving our neighborhoods for the benefit of those who live here, who work here and who visit here!  While outside groups from Highland Park and Trinity tollway advocates fund a smear campaign, Kingston has worked to make the Knox Neighborhood better.  We’re thrilled that Knox Street will be getting wider sidewalks, new signals, better crosswalks, a turn lane and angled parking.  

For a second opinion, check Central Track’s write up on the debate.

Today is the last day to vote!