Knox Street Diet

knox rendering

Knox Street is about to undergo some serious change for the better.  Sometime later this year or beginning of next year (2017), the road will be reduced to one lane each direction and a turning lane.  This initiative (Dallas Complete Streets) was started several years ago with city bond funds and may be supplemented with PID funds.  The link is below if you want to delve in to the detailed renderings and options, but the jist is that the lanes are being reduced, the crosswalks are being improved, the sidewalks are being widened, and parking along Knox is going to be angled to make it easier to get in and out of the spots.

Last week a survey crew was out on Knox which I believe was in relation to this project.  Last I heard, this project is at the bidding stage.  More information at:


Current Retail Map


Lifted this map from the UCR website. Shows available retail space and the potential for dense development in the Knox area.

Most notable changes:
DWR has moved out
Chili’s has moved out
Sarofim is now looking at a 2017 horizon for the development along Travis

1500 New Apartments

As you’ve probably noticed, many new apartment projects are currently underway in the Knox area.  I’ve compiled the list below of projects.  Density is coming.  With the combination of one and two bedroom apartments, I’m expecting to have about 2,000 new neighbors within the next 18 months.  With these new residents come more cars and more people, but also more retail and amenities.  With the influx of new residents, developers are adding a lot of new retail like the new Trader Joe’s that has just opened on Cole Ave.  I look forward to seeing what new retail will be coming.

208 Units – Avenue H (Hester and McKinney just north of Knox)
80% leased; Mill Creek developed and has now sold to North Carolina investors


165 Units – Armstrong at Knox – Trader Joes – Sarofim/Lincoln Project


212 Units – Aura by Trinsic – Fitzhugh between McKinney and Cole
Exterior mostly completed.  Building interior being finished out.


182 Units – Knox Heights by Trammel Crow – Behind (north) of Z-Gallery on Knox
Underground parking completed, podium built, 3rd floor of wood framing in progress.


183 Units – The McKenzie – Across from Javier’s near McKinney and Monticello
Large floor plans.  Construction has started.


258 Units – Terraces on the Katy Trail – Cole north of Knox (old saltillo apts on katy trail)
Underground garage is near completed to surface.


270 Units – Oliver and McKinney – by Southern Land
Zoning change approved. Buildings vacated. Utilities disconnected. Abatement underway. and 75