The mole people have left and they took their RV with them (new apartments coming on McKinney and Monticello)


Travis-Knox Addition 

Towers is reporting that a preliminary plat was approved for Travis Block Holding Company LLC to consolidate 14 lots into a 2.25 acre tract.  It notably does not include Cafe Madrid.  This is a huge piece of property and we’ll keep updating with new information as it becomes available.

Whoa…big changes for Cole Ave

As we’ve been reporting for ages, restoration hardware is indeed planning a major, major project….51,000 sq ft of retail, a hotel, etc…

And if that wasn’t enough, another apartment building replacing the crumbling, primer gray apartments between Armstrong and Oliver on Cole Ave.

Candace Evans broke the info from attending the Oak Lawn Committee meeting where these proposals were presented. 

Read her article and see the pictures.

Weirs warehouse on Buena Vista to be razed “soon”

DMN is reporting that Weirs plans to close both their Knox street store and Buena Vista warehouse/outlet on July 8 to begin redevelopment plans.  It’s somewhat confusing since Weirs has also been quoted as saying that the Knox Street redevelopment was still a couple of years out.  Either way, we are excited to see what they are planning!

Adios Chateau (and creepy rv parked there, etc.)

As reported here August of 2016, the chateau condos are going away…and hopefully that rv parked there is going to the dump as well when they demolish the building.  

A new trinsic apartment building very similar to Knox Heights will be built there starting as soon as August.

Knox Park Resident Advocate Group

There will be a Knox Park Resident meet up at Cafe Madrid tomorrow (May 3) at 6:30pm.  AJ Aguirre is heading up the effort to put a neighborhood council together to represent the interests of local residents.  Be sure to check his instagram account @knoxparkre for more info.  Cafe Madrid has generously offered to host so be sure to stop by.  It will be a great opportunity to meet neighbors and discuss issues that affect Knox neighborhood residents.  See you there!