Weirs reveals new plans for Knox Street location

As reported here back in June, Weirs has major plans for its Knox Street Store. DMN is reporting that a 12 story building is planned with emphasis that the 100+ year old Highland Park Soda Fountain will remain on the corner. ย Plans call for 50,000 feet of retail space and a 6 story, sub level parking garage. ย It also sounds like Weirs will face Travis creating more retail frontage availability on Knox Street.

We will continue to update as more information becomes available.


Travis-Knox Additionย 

Towers is reporting that a preliminary plat was approved for Travis Block Holding Company LLC to consolidate 14 lots into a 2.25 acre tract.  It notably does not include Cafe Madrid.  This is a huge piece of property and we’ll keep updating with new information as it becomes available.

Whoa…big changes for Cole Ave

As we’ve been reporting for ages, restoration hardware is indeed planning a major, major project….51,000 sq ft of retail, a hotel, etc…

And if that wasn’t enough, another apartment building replacing the crumbling, primer gray apartments between Armstrong and Oliver on Cole Ave.

Candace Evans broke the info from attending the Oak Lawn Committee meeting where these proposals were presented. 

Read her article and see the pictures.

Garrett Leight to occupy one of the renovated spaces at Bardot Place on Knox Street

Looks like Bardot Place has landed a high end tenant as they move toward upgrading their Knox retail frontage.  Still under construction, this strip has undergone massive changes and still has a ways to go to complete the massive second story expansion.

HP cleaners and tailor are vacating and the small postal store left recently as well.  Garrett Leight is a perfect fit and I’m excited to see what other tenants they are able to land for the remaining space.  I just hope Harry’s doesn’t get displaced!  Knox is starting to draw some strong parallels to Abbot Kinney Blvd in terms of the retail mix.

In other Knox retail news, Steven Alan seems to be in a strange limbo.  The sign says closed for renovations, but since the buildout is brand new and looks amazing, I’m left wondering what they are planning. Once they lost the Shinola items, they didn’t seem to reset the store.  Empty cases were left and that seemed strange.  Then sudden closure without notice, and now ‘closed for renovations’…  I really hope there are plans to reformat or reintroduce this store.  It was one of my personal favorites.