Some updates..

I saw that “interior remodeling work is planned for later this year at Apple Knox Street” according to 9to5mac. I hope they add some greenery and configure it like the newer stores.

Weir’s has started their redevelopment as you can see when you drive Knox. This will be an impressive development on a very high profile corner. I can’t wait to watch this unfold.

Apartment site is being excavated along Cole Ave between Armstrong and Oliver. I said my last goodbye to the architecturally significant 1 bedroom condos weeks ago. The rest needed to be torn down. Lots of asbestos has left the Knox neighborhood. Get ready for A LOT of new transient residents. This building is going to max out the number of studio apartments that could be fit into this space. I don’t think there was any opposition to this zoning change.

Zoning changes were approved for the site at Travis St, Katy Trail and Fitzhugh. I have a theory (unconfirmed) that they may be buying out the adjoining condos to make the footprint larger. Either way, get ready for a tall building.

As I’ve said before, we are trending toward a much denser neighborhood and away from duplex and condo homes on tree lined streets. On the upside, the retail presence has increased and is higher quality for the most part which equates to better amenities and services for residents.

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