The orginal Knox Street Pub and updates…

D Magazine published a great article about the original Knox Street Pub which pre-dated the Chili’s which pre-dated Up On Knox.  It’s worth a read and gives some great perspective as to what was happening in the Knox neighborhood and in Dallas at that time.  It’s also interesting that it was somewhat the original fern bar which Chili’s later copied with great success.  In the very same location!


Other news updates….

Many apartment projects underway.  Notably, Southern Land Company’s high-rise on Oliver and NCX is well underway and the cranes are up.  This project was talked about for a couple of years with many delays before they were able to break ground.

It’s looking very likely that there will be dense apartments built along Cole between Armstrong and Oliver.  It looks like there has been or will be a buyout of the condos at Armstrong and Cole.  Sadly, that includes the one bedroom contemporary condos.  Some of my favorites of the owner occupied stock.

Weir’s has continued to say they are looking to begin their massive redevelopment.  I’m guessing this is a very long process and it may take a long time before the wrecking ball starts swinging.

According to the last update from the Dallas Complete Streets initiative, construction should have begun by now to begin converting Knox to one lane each direction with a turn lane and angled parking.  If anyone, has an update on this, please send it our way.

Villa-O has closed and I have begun to hear a rumor that the people who own Up On Knox and Le Bilboquet are planning a third restaurant concept for this space.  If true, I would expect another high quality dining option.

The Katy Trail is working on the Cambrick entrance, they are planning for an Oliver Street entrance!  I have no idea how soon we may see this, but its very exciting that there will be more trail access throughout the neighborhood.

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