The times are changing

A very interesting read from towers about the proposed apartments to be built on Cole Avenue between Armstrong and Oliver.  The developer is asking for an 85 ft variance and will likely transform that block into dense multifamily. Units will essentially be small, affordable, studio apartments. (And a lot of them.) The Oak Lawn Committee took a strong stance against the project moving forward as proposed and the developer is working on its own grass roots endeavor to win over neighbors.

This project will certainly set the stage for the rest of the area being converted from less dense 2 story owner occupied toward dense multifamily along Cole Ave.  I expect that it will look more like the Aura apartments and less like the dense tree covered adoption center that it replaced (Fitzhugh and McKinney).

The project already well underway at the intersection of Monticello and McKinney will be a similar project.  5 levels of wood construction built on a semi-underground, concrete parking garage.

The new tower at Oliver and NCX is also moving forward after what seemed like years of delay. This is supposed to be 18 stories of premium ‘luxury’ apartments. They too have cleared all the trees from the lot.

Many changes and many more to come to our neighborhood. I heard that the On the Border will also be closing to be redeveloped. More news on that coming soon.

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