Bikeshares, consider yourselves on notice.

Enough is enough.  I’ve been holding back, but since Katy Trail Dallas has publicly posted about the bikeshare problem, I’m going to put in my 2 cents.

Today the Katy Trail’s official Instagram account posted information that all but calls the bikeshare companies a problem.  But really, that’s what they’ve become.  Bikeshares are meant to enhance the transportation and recreation options for our neighborhood.  Now they are becoming a nuisance with too many bikes littering the trail, blocking our sidewalks and accumulating on public and private property.  The photo below shows a prime example where vbikes is using the corner of Knox and McKinney for advertising without consideration for those who need to use the sidewalk.


Vbikes isn’t the only one engaging in this practice and I hate to single them out, but this is an example of too many bikes blocking a main neighborhood walkway.  The Katy Trail is encouraging people to download the 311 app and report nuisance bikeshare bikes that block public walkways, and I’d even go a step further to say to move them out of the way.



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