Free #knoxdallas stickers! It’s our Anniversary! New Updates!

IMG_5571It’s our anniversary, it’s friday, and we’ve got a ton of these #knoxdallas stickers!!  We’ve enjoyed keeping you in the loop on all the exciting Knox neighborhood news BEFORE you hear it anywhere else!  Email us at or DM us on instagram with your address and we will be happy to send you some stickers!

Important information:

*These addresses will strictly be used only for sending stickers and then discarded.  We will not record, sell, or even retain your address.  We only retain email addresses if you request to be on our emailing list.

*Although we have a ton of these stickers, quantities are limited!

*Addresses within the Knox neighborhood will be given first priority.

*Only addresses within 75205, 75206, 75204, 75219, 75209, 75225, 75201, 75235 are eligible. (Sorry!  Our resources are limited!)

*We are a volunteer force so please be patient! IMG_5571


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