Save the patio or save the cash flow 

I’m going to walk right into the buzz saw here, but I don’t buy into this ‘save the patio’ marketing.  Sure, I like the Katy Trail Ice House too, but this isn’t really about the patio.  This is about McKinney Ave turning into Bourbon St or dirty 6th on weekends and how disruptive it’s become to residents.  Living in the Knox neighborhood, we already enjoy a neighborhood free of loud bar music and free of drunk people walking in the streets.  This is because the Knox public improvement district already restricts businesses to close by midnight.  It’s a wonderful benefit that I don’t appreciate until I drive through uptown and imagine living next door to The Den, Blackfriar or Sisu.  These establishments make money hand over fist from the droves of young people coming to uptown to party…but at what expense?  The downside to this is the depressed property values and decreased quality of life to the residents (people who actually live in uptown and have a stake in its success).  The ragtag people that these bars attract are not adding value, but instead are putting a strain on law enforcement to control the drunken crowds and noise levels.  I’m quite happy to not have to contend with these people vomiting in my bushes at 2am or littering our lawn with cigarette butts and solo cups.  

So in conclusion, I submit that save the patio is a PR compaign to protect thriving bar revenues (regardless of patio).


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