Nest & DWR vacancies

Just a thought, but does anyone know what’s going to happen on McKinney Ave after Nest leaves its current space?  The adjoining DWR studio space has been vacant for months and cbre/ucr is marketing the space, but with no signage on the property, perhaps something bigger is coming for this strip of retail?  This will be another large block of vacant square footage, and with both owned by the same entity, I wonder what the future holds for this space..   I expect there must be some forthcoming announcements for this space and other large blocks of vacant retail.


One more update…

I hate to even say anything since Sarofim has been about to tear down these buildings since 2005, but I’m starting to believe something may happen for the west side of Travis just south of Cole.  A teardown at least.  And, if that’s all that gets done for the next decade, that would be ok by me.  Some green space I would hope, instead of more surface parking.  A few weeks ago, the parking lots south of the old katana were chained off, and this morning there is a crew coming in to mark buried utilities.  My guess is that utilities will be disconnected shortly.  Disconnected as in permanently disconnected in preparation for scraping this parcel.  Looks like there’s still quite a bit of debris inside the buildings, and there were a couple of folks surveying what’s left to do prior to demo.

Dear Sarofim,

Please, please, no more surface parking.


Updates on many projects


Outdoor Voices

Open for business and I have a feeling here to stay.  In a D Magazine interview, Tyler Haney was vague about the location referring to the Knox location as a temp space or pop-up.  Perhaps when the Chili’s space is finished out, OV Dallas may move there?

Cole & Lee Townhouses

The Lee & Cole Townhouse project is complete and is being marketed to renters by Dave Perry-Miller.  $2895 and up.

Plummer Development Group: “18 Units Situated between Knox and Fitzhugh 1600 sq ft to 2000 sq ft units 2 bed, 2-1/2 bath + Study Large Outdoor Living Private Roof Decks with Unobstructed Views of Downtown”

Chelsea Corner/Corner Bar

Major changes coming along.  This building has been completely renewed.  The only thing remaining from the old building is the outer brick facade and even that has been changed significantly.  Their site says opening Dec 2016 and they are accepting applications.

Originally opened in 1974, Chelsea Corner will soon again appear in it’s original location on the iconic corner of McKinney Avenue & Monticello.  This historic building was first constructed in 1926 and is in the process of a complete ground up restoration.

With a focus on its rich heritage and our intent to establish an iconic and long-lasting Dallas landmark – the Chelsea Corner will be something truly special within Dallas’s flourishing Knox Neighborhood.

This December we will invite friends new and old to join us while savoring incredible fare from famed Chef Kent Rathbun, watching sports on our 15+ screens, and enjoying weekend brunches on our (2) garden patios.

Knox Heights

Knox Heights has seen some significant progress over the months and the website advertises November move-ins…but I’m not so sure.  The retail front is coming along and we know of one tenant which will be opening a new location.  The Zen Gym will be adding a location at Knox Heights  It appears to be a high end yoga and meditation studio.

Katy Trail Apartments

The Katy Trail Terrace apartments north of Knox on Cole Ave appear to be making significant progress.  5 stories above ground level…all concrete.  This is going to be a nice building.  It is significant because it is the first of the new generation of buildings around Knox which are mid-rise and taller concrete construction (instead of cheaper wood construction atop a concrete podium).  Taller, higher quality, more expensive construction which will soon be the norm.

The McKenzie

Construction on this building is well under way.  At 22 stories, this building will be under construction for quite some time.  Early 2018 is the estimated completion date and it should be well worth the wait.  This will be one of the nicest buildings in the area and I expect rents will be around $4 per foot.

NCX & Oliver Tower

A small update by the Dallas Morning News:

“Tennessee-based Southern Land plans to start construction in early 2017 on the 270-unit, 18-story high-rise on North Central Expressway at Oliver Street.”