Outdoor Voices & Marine Layer Recon

These two new stores are very exciting for Knox, and these fresh new brands speak to the quality of retail which may be on the horizon for our neighborhood..   Since I happened to be near both stores, I took a few pictures and picked up some merchandise.  I really liked OV’s attitude and “technical apparel for recreation”.  Marine Layer had a SoCal feel and indeed the shirts are amazingly soft.
Outdoor Voices soho store:


Marine Layer soho:



Marine Layer Coming Soon

The Knox District PID has announced (via instagram) that Marine Layer will be opening a Knox Park store.  Very exciting news because Marine Layer is a fresh, hip brand and its presence reinforces the evolving retail profile of the Knox Park neighborhood.  Further, this supports my statements that the Knox Henderson area is becoming very similar in its retail mix to the Abbot Kinney neighborhood of Southern California.  Marine Layer is probably best know for their line of ultra soft shirts.  We just got a catalog recently so this makes more sense now.  Welcome Marine Layer!

Bardot Place Rising

If you’ve driven down Knox Street the last couple of days, you’ve probably noticed that Bardot Place is moving forward with an ambitious plan to expand their presence along Knox Street.  The plan included updating the existing structure to the more contemporary, high-end finish that we see now and also the addition of a second level.  The renovation of the original structure has been completed, and it is very exciting to see the how the second story will be accomplished.  We now see that a steel structure will be erected over the existing structure to provide the additional retail and office square footage.  We look forward to seeing which new tenants will be making Knox Street their address!

As a side note, the traffic diverting around the crane is a preview of what single-lane traffic will be like.  The orderly progression of traffic without aggressive drivers darting in and out of lanes and around cars will be a welcome change.  So many exciting changes in the Knox neighborhood!

Two renderings from the planetbardot.com website:



Construction progress photos: