Back from the dead…again

In 2006 when the 7-11 closed, it seemed certain that the end was near for the mix of old buildings on the west side of Travis Street.  Then the recession stopped development and this property seemed like it would remain a parking lot for many more years.  After a series of business came and went from the building below, Sarofim temporarily located Stag provisions there in late 2014.  After the completion of Sarofim’s project on Cole Ave, the building was left vacant, and at this point it seemed that, again, the end was near.IMG_4046

But wait!  What’s this I see today?  The space is being resurrected again for who knows what!  It was being painted white with navy trim.  Perhaps a nautical theme valet oasis?  Perhaps another apparel retailer?  Or maybe a casual lunch counter?  Stumptown coffee? (keep dreaming)  I wish I knew.  But more importantly, I wonder what the future holds for this parcel of land.  Will we be doomed to look at surface parking forever?

Just a few months ago, every tenant except RioRoom/TheTravis was vacated.  Perhaps Sarofim has plans to develop this block into unique spaces piecemeal instead of a mega-mixed-used project…I just don’t know, but we will see what happens.  I’ll post anything I hear, so check back soon.


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