Updated renderings for Oliver Street and NCX project in the Knox neighborhood

Southern Land Co. has provided some new renderings of their project in the Knox neighborhood scheduled to begin construction at any time.  Demolition has been completed for several weeks and the construction fence is up.  Zoning changes were approved about a year ago and GDA Architects has designed the building.

14055 oliver - central cam001 new

This 18 story luxury apartment building will feature approximately 300 units with larger floor plans averaging around 1100 sq feet.  The building will also feature standard amenities like a pool deck, fitness facility, community lounges and dog friendly facilities.  One unique feature of this property is the green space that it will create in the place of a parking lot fronting McKinney Ave, a welcome change.

This building is especially interesting because of its large scale.  I think the neighborhood would be well served by a wall of high-rise buildings facing the expressway.  Southern Land Co. is headquartered in Tennessee, but they have set up a local office right here in the neighborhood on the 8th floor of the Highland Park Place tower.  I’d like to think it comes from a genuine interest in knowing the neighborhood and being present to oversee the construction.


14055 oliver

14055 oliver - central cam002 new


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