Pei Wei…The official Sponsor of the Katy Trail?

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 1.49.49 PM

I’m not sure what others think about this, but to me this feels a little wrong.  It’s one thing to chalk the Katy Trail with info about your running club, or your political preference, or even a few home-grown viral sticker campaigns.  However, when Pei Wei is paying an ad agency to use a laser-cut stencil and an industrial spray chalk, then I wonder what is next.  For example, could we start seeing a free-for-all of advertisements directly on the trail?  I would think that the Katy Trail would want to control its branding and possibly get compensated when companies use the space for advertising.

Update 6/20:  The Katy Trail commented: “…this may seem harmless, but it costs us time and money to remove and in some cases has caused permanent damage to the Trail.  Please do not mark up the Katy Trail without contacting our office first!”

Confirmation that this was unauthorized.  I would encourage anyone who sees activity like this to take a video or picture and report it to the Katy Trail.  We can make a difference in the future of the Katy Trail and keeping it free of advertisements which do not benefit the Trail.


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