Consequences of Resisting Change: Knox Dart Station Edition

dart station

As I think about the group opposing the changes proposed for McKinney and Cole, I couldn’t help by think about the parallels of another proposal which was met with opposition: The Knox-Henderson Dart Station.  I think about it often when I consider using the Red, Orange and Blue Lines (all of which pass under NCX at Knox).

Unfortunately for us now, the residents in the early 90’s resisted the proposed station (most notably the Vickery Park neighborhood association (  Dart listened and did not build the station.  The space was excavated at an additional cost of $1 Million.  At the time, the station would’ve been quite economical, but unfortunately the costs now will make it prohibitively expensive to complete.  Further, Dart did not include it in its 2030 masterplan, so my guess is that I won’t be around to see it built.  Thanks so much to those who determined our access to Dart for decades.

DART Knox-Henderson Info–Henderson_Station

Lesson?  I think the lesson is to carefully consider change.  At the public input meeting regarding the one way streets, I heard some who opposed this change.  As in the case with the Knox DART station, sometimes there is no second chance for a missed opportunity.  Something to think about.

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