Don Knobler: A hipster match made in heaven?


You might have seen Don Knobler courtside at a Mavs game dresses up like it’s halloween, but if you live in the Knox area, you know him for his unrivaled collection of 60’s apartment buildings.  They’re pretty easy to spot since most of them are painted primer gray and feature his prolific “Don Knobler, For Lease” signs in the yards.

Although some despise the Knob for his efforts to preserve Knox Park’s more humble 60’s dwellings (many of which he has committed to preserve in their original state with no updates), you can thank this guy for a few things:

  1. Preventing the Knox neighborhood from being bought up and turned into a builder grade blah of 3-story condos.  If you want to see what I’m talking about, drive on Fitzhugh going east of 75..
  2. Providing affordable housing in a great neighborhood where new apartments are renting from $2.50-$3 per square foot.  Although “modest” in accommodation, these units will only set you back about $800 which is a bargain in uptown.
  3. Preserving the 60’s architecture?

So back to my original point….Knobler, an eccentric himself, is attracting a new group of young people to Knox.  He has the right combination: affordability and location.  Next time you’re passing one of those primer gray buildings, check out the number of beards and priuses that have arrived.


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