The Rumor Mill: Restoration Hardware

Just some pure speculation here…but is it possible that Restoration Hardware is considering expanding its current store to be a mega-location like the one in Atlanta?


Different ideas about the future of the Knox RH location have been floating around for years so this isn’t exactly new speculation.  There were rumors of a hotel on Knox Street or of a different location altogether.  Now the rumor is that RH could be making a play to groundlease everything from its current location to Highland Park Place tower.  Yes, that would include the Mecox space and the old Sangria Space.  Seems like a tall hurdle, I agree.

However, this one thing has made me think.  Lombardi has totally frozen its plans to roll out its new Asian concept in the former Sangria space.  The location is now prime with the new retail across the street being completed….but still no change.  We all know that Lombardi is a veteran restaurant group and has the resources to move forward with a great concept in an exceptional location, but this space is now sitting dormant.  Could RH finally be making its move?


Some say the owner of the property isn’t cooperative with the demo of the old Packard dealership where RH currently resides.  Some say they are sure that RH is looking at other locations very seriously.  I’m very curious to know what will happen or to get a new restaurant in the Knox neighborhood!

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