Proposed Reconfiguration of McKinney and Cole Avenues

Tristan Hallman (DMN city hall blog) has reported huge news that will affect everyone in the Knox neighborhood for the better (in my opinion).

two way

A proposal has been put forward to reconfigure McKinney and Cole Avenues to be two way streets.  This was the configuration until the 1970’s when Dallas began its campaign to support suburban sprawl.  In my opinion, this change would be beneficial in reducing the speed of traffic and reducing the traffic which uses McKinney and Cole to bypass 75.  At rush hour, most of the traffic speeding up and Down McKinney and Cole are just passing through at 40-50mph to avoid getting onto the congested freeway during these peak hours.  These are not residents and they make it more dangerous for those of use who walk and bike.  Creating a slower traffic environment will help restore these streets to their original function which is to serve the residents of Knox Park.

With the reconfiguration of Knox Street, the possibility of a protected bike lane, and widened sidewalks, I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of our little neighborhood.

The article reports that there will be a meeting in May for residents to voice support or concerns regarding this project.

Update: 4pm 5/2   The public input meeting for this change will be held on Monday May 16th at 6:30pm.  3966  McKinney Ave (Church of the Incarnation, Great Hall on the south end of the building).

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